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Thank you so much for visiting our website.  Although we've been making and selling jewelry for years, this is our first stab at a website.  If you see a way for us to make it work better, please contact us.


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You can also contact us from the collection page about items which are not currently listed on Etsy

We are a two-person creative machine...Patsy and Cookie.  We receive technical and emotional support from "Alphonse".    We love playing with all types of materials.  Also, we love shopping for those materials and take a two-week trip to Tucson, Arizona every winter to the largest bead and gem show in the world.  We also go there to escape the New England winters, but we don't need to mention that, do we?  Our materials are gemstones, crystals, glass, freshwater pearls, leather, upcycled silverware and more.


We sell primarily at art fairs and craft shows, but also have items placed in local boutiques and spas.  You can purchase our items on Etsy at   

If you see something you like on this site, but don't find it on our Etsy site, please contact us.  It could be on display in a brick-and-mortar venue, and we'll chase it down for you. Or it could be sold out.  But do contact us!  Perhaps we have sufficient materials to make you another one -- we love making custom orders.

Really?  We're supposed to have a vision? Patsy's vision is becoming sufficiently organized to change out of her pajamas.. Cookie's is keeping up with her dog's crazy eating schedule.  All this while creating jewelry for you!  We both really like power tools as well. Hence, our new stuff made out of upcycled silverware.

Our Vision

Do you believe in rock and roll?  Can music save your mortal soul?  Well, maybe not.  But it can certainly inspire some fun jewelry.  Cookie and Patsy are great music fans and love making jewelry inspired by songs, both old and new. Each of our pieces is named for a song. Most of these songs we love....others, not so much, but they are sufficiently interesting to inspire a piece of jewelry.  We hope you will enjoy looking at our collection.

Our Story

Singing Jewels
lyrical adornments
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